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Where Hope Begins - A House of Hope Docu-Series

Life has radically changed for everyone during the past year; however, for teenagers and their families, the spiritual, psychological and physical threats have been exacerbated. Today, teens are exposed to more risks than ever before. From the onslaught of abuse, addictions, bullying, school violence, sex  trafficking and much more; all these have contributed to higher levels of anxiety, depression, stress and even suicide.

The powerful ministry of National House of Hope is shining a bright light into these issues.  The House of Hope ministry has been providing a safe haven for healing and restoration for troubled teens since 1985 when a former public school teacher, Sara Trollinger, opened a residential treatment center in Orlando, Florida.  Today, there are over 5 Houses of Hope rescuing teens and restoring families.

It is the purpose of a new 30-minute multi-media program to bring awareness to the issues of today’s troubled teenagers, to introduce National House of Hope and their Affiliates across the U.S., and ask  concerned viewers to support this vital work. 

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